This Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of Superman getting his fancy new electrical powers and outfit, so it makes sense to post this.

Hey!  Check out the corner!  This is the Previews where you could order the Wizard JLA Special!  I talked about that last week! It’s like I planned this.

Which I didn’t, but still.

Previews is usually a treasure trove of fun stuff, especially from this era.  On Wednesday I’ll be posting the article that came with the DC solicitations from this particular issue and over the next few weeks I’ll be including the original solicitations of the comics featured in my Do The Clothes Make The Man feature because I think they’re pretty keen.

By the way…the next installment of that is coming soon and I’ll be back on track with it next Sunday.  Promise.

For the moment bask in the glory that is Electric Superman and I mean that on a mostly serious level.