Episode 28: Batman Year One Part 2

The epic conversation about Batman: Year One concludes in fine style.  Or at least I think it does.  I’m a bit biased because it’s my show and I was part of said conversation.

Anyway, Donovan Morgan Grant, Michael Kaiser, and I talk about the final two chapters of Year One (which took place in Batman issues 406 and 407), which features some awesome scenes and a decent ending.  We also go on quite a few Batman related tangents, including a conversation about which actor was the best animated Batman, we talk about whether or not Gordon should have gotten remarried, there’s some Barbara Gordon talk, and Donovan also reads a letter that was printed in the comics in reaction to the first part of Year One that is pretty salty.  This leads into a larger conversation about how fans react to change, which took up a fair amount of real estate, but it made for some good audio.

Below is a gallery of images and covers from the comics we talked about during this episode.

And here are some other images, including sketches and covers of the collected editions of Batman: Year One.

A huge thank you to Donovan and Michael for doing this.  Donovan can be found on the Questions: We Don’t Have Answers podcast and Michael can be found on the Make Ours Marvel podcast.

Next Time: Probably a DragonCon panel.  I have a few saved up.