Episode 17 – Superman and Countdown to Infinite Crisis Part 1

Welcome to another exciting installment of  JLMay 2020!

In case this is your first experience with JLMay, it is an annual podcasting crossover where a bunch of different networks and shows get together to cover a particular maxi-series, fifth week event, or crossover.  It started in 2016 and over the years we’ve talked about JLA: Year OneJustice (the Alex Ross grown up Super Friends series), The Silver Age (a DC Fifth Week Event), and Blackest Night.  This year we’re covering Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

Not Infinite Crisis.

Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

The event before the event.

This episode kicks off a three part series that explores what Superman was up to around the time of Countdown to Infinite Crisis.  This mainly involves the OMAC Project mini-series, but eventually Superman plays in the Villains United sandbox, but that will have to keep until the third part of this series.  For this first installment, I give a rundown of where Superman was as a character in 2005.  This involves a good bit of history, but I try to break it up with some musical interludes, so hopefully that makes it more interesting to listen to.  Then I get into Superman issues 217 and 218, which involves Superman dealing with a world that suddenly fears him.  What do I think of these issues?  What do I think of that concept?  What does OMAC stand for?  All of that and more is explored over the course of an hour and change.

Below are the covers and select pages from the comic discussed in this episode.

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