Episode 18 – Superman and Countdown to Infinite Crisis Part 2 – Superman: Sacrifice

JLMay 2020 continues…

In case this is your first experience with JLMay, it is an annual podcasting crossover where a bunch of different networks and shows get together to cover a particular maxi-series, fifth week event, or crossover.  It started in 2016 and over the years we’ve talked about JLA: Year OneJustice (the Alex Ross grown up Super Friends series), The Silver Age (a DC Fifth Week Event), and Blackest Night.  This year we’re covering Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

Not Infinite Crisis.

Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

The event before the event.

This time out I continue my look at what Superman was up to around the whole Countdown to Infinite Crisis era by examining the Sacrifice story line.  To say that this arc was important to the lead up to Infinite Crisis is an understatement.  Sacrifice was one of the most pivotal moments of this era and since it tied into what was going on in the OMAC Project mini-series, I thought it would be a good idea to bring in the people covering that mini-series for JLMay.

Jon and Maggie Schaefer-Hames (hosts of Married With Comics) were nice enough to stop by and talk about the issues of Superman, Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, and Wonder Woman that made up the Sacrifice arc as well as the issues of Adventures of Superman and Wonder Woman, which detailed the immediate aftermath of how Wonder Woman solved the Maxwell Lord problem.  We also talk about the era in general and get into a few tangents about the way some artists depicted women in the early 2000’s and how Marvel and DC were doing pretty much the same thing in different ways with Infinite Crisis and Civil War.

Here are the covers and select pages from the comics we discussed.

Oh, and here’s the picture of me from 1991 when I had glasses with round frames.  It comes up in the episode.

A huge thank you to Jon and Maggie for appearing on this episode and making it as fun as it was.

The fun of JLMay 2020 rages on!  Be sure to check out the following shows over the course of May to continue the epic coverage of the event before the event.

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Next Time: Jon and Maggie of Married with Comics join me to talk about the Sacrifice story line!