Fortress of Baileytude Showcase Presents… The Hunt For Red October

This time out the show finally lives up to the original premise that I had for it several years ago. Instead of talking comics I am talking movies, because I like movies and thought, “Hey, why not talk about them from time to time?”  My first subject is a film that I just love to pieces…The Hunt For Red October.  And I am not alone!  Joining me to talk about this cracker jack of a movie is none other than Zaki Hasan.  Zaki co-hosts The MovieFilm Podcast and hosts Nostalgia Theater: A MovieFilm Podcast.  He is also a movie reviewer and has written reviews for a number of newspapers and sites.

For a little over an hour we focus in on the cast of The Hunt For Red October.  The story is pretty simple, but it’s the performances that really make the film memorable and we go over the main cast, which includes but is not limited to Tim Curry, Sam Neil, Alec Baldwin, and, of course, Sean Connery.  What makes their performances so good?  What are the best scenes?  How many times does Mike lapse into a Sean Connery impersonation?  Listen and find out!

A huge thanks to Zaki for coming out to play on this one.

Next Time: If everything goes to plan I’ll have a special Fourth of July episode for your listening pleasure.


Overlooked Dark Knight Special – Remembering Denny O’Neil

No real preamble this time out. This isn’t a normal episode. Andy and Mike got together on the morning (or afternoon for Andy) of June 15, 2020 to talk about the death of writer/editor/legend Denny O’Neil. The guys were huge fans of Denny as both as an editor and they wanted to spend nearly an hour talking about him. It’s a very off the cuff conversation. There are no notes involved. It’s just two fans talking about their feelings on Denny with a tangent or two along the way.

RIP Denny O’Neil.