Episode 233: December 1995 Supplemental

Welcome to the two hundredth and thirty-third episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast!  This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Welcome to the very last supplemental episode (at least for the moment) of From Crisis to Crisis.

That’s right, folks, even though Mike and Jeff don’t mention it in the episode proper this episode not only closes out cover date December 1995 (and cover date 1995 in general) it also closes out talking about the side books in their own dedicated episode.

Didn’t they just say they were going to keep this going a couple of episodes ago?  Probably, but Mike the Editor talked to Mike the Host and after a long, drawn out fight that raged throughout the Fortress of Bailetyude Mike the Editor won out.

So, starting in two or three episodes you will hear the regular segments folded into the talk of the main books and the side/family books will be folded into the Elsewhere segments and not given as much attention.  There will be exceptions (like the event books Mike and Jeff actually like) but for the most part that is how things will be going for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, this time out the boys kick things off with Superboy #22, which as The Kid fighting an Underworld Unleashed Killer Frost.  Then things circle back to The Trial of Superman in Steel #22, which has some great scenes with Supergirl and Steel.  Next up Underworld Unleashed gets wrapped up with the boys’ thoughts on the second and third issue of that event.  Showcase ’95 #12 is next, which has yet another pilot episode of Supergirl.  Finally, Jeff breaks down what was going on in the real world in the Meanwhile, At the Daily Planet segment and Mike tells you what was going on Elsewhere in the DC Universe.

Below is a gallery of covers and select pages from the books the boys discuss in the episode.  Mike put scans of the original paper versions of the covers to Underworld Unleashed issues 2 and 3.

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Next Time: A surprise that has been a long time coming.