Episode 41 – Starlin’s Batman Part 3: Ten Nights of the Beast Part 2

Welcome to the forty-first episode of The Overlooked Dark Knight. The is a non-index index show where the hosts, Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, look at Batman comics that rarely, if ever, get talked about.  Back in episode 39 they started a series covering Jim Starlin’s run of Batman and they are going to continue with that until they get through all of his issues, up to and including Batman: The Cult.

This time out they finish up their look at the four part “mini-series within a series”…Ten Nights of the Beast!  In Batman #419, the Dark Knight and Robin continue their cat and mouse game with the KGBeast continues and leads to an exciting if not choppy ending.  Things wrap up in Batman #420, which features the ultimate confrontation between Batman and the Beast, with an ending that leads to a short conversation on the ethics of the Dark Knight.  The guys also read some feedback and Mike tells a story from his misspent youth.

Note: Mike says the story happens in the late eighties.  It actually happened in the late nineties.  Mike wasn’t going to strip clubs when he was 14.

Below are the covers and selected pages from the comics discussed during this episode.

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Next time: Andy and Mike’s coverage of the Jim Starlin run continues with Batman issues 421-423!