Ok, here’s the deal.

I need a break.

“But, Mike,” you say.  “You haven’t been posting regularly in months.  What do you need a break from?”

Life in general really.  Things have been extremely stressful as of late between work, my grandfather passing away and certain other things in my personal life.  Nothing serious.  No relationship problems with the wife.  In fact we’re doing great as always.

I just need to get away from certain things until I am back to center and ready to do things right.  This blog is supposed to be fun for me and lately because of all of the above it has felt somewhat like a chore.

I want to get back to this being fun.  So I am taking a month off to recharge my batteries.

So for the time being I am putting the Fortress on hiatus.  I am still doing episodes of Views From The Longbox, my podcast, because I have a bunch in the can and for the next five weeks that will be on auto-pilot.  And I will be posting on my Live Journal no doubt, but this place is going to be something of a ghost town for four weeks or so.

But fret not.  The Fortress will return.  I am even going to redesign the thing because a change like that may end up being fun.

Or it might end up being a nightmare.  I’ll know that for sure in a few weeks.

More to follow… (Promise)

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One Response to A SHORT HIATUS

  1. Good luck, pal. You gotta ensure it’s fun, or it’s not worth it.

    Talk to you soon,
    The Irredeemable Shag

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