Found this for cheap on eBay recently.

Blue Ribbon 16 A Blue Ribbon 16 BFull disclosure time: I did manipulate the images above just a tad.  While this book wasn’t in horrible condition when I got it there were a few imperfections that bugged me once I scanned the front and back covers so I used my mediocre Photoshopping skills to touch it up.  I like being honest about these things.

I found this book while window shopping on eBay about two weeks ago.  Given that it is Superman’s 75th Anniversary it seemed appropriate.  Frankly I could devote an entire episode of Views From The Longbox to this book and would probably spend 3/4 of that episode talking about this gorgeous cover.  Rich Buckler and the late Dick Giordano made a great team and I just love how this one turned out.  Superman looks great, Batman and Robin look awesome (Buckler drew a great Robin and doesn’t get enough credit for what he brought to that character), Captain Thunder was a nice addition and you have to love Lex Luthor giving the ultimate thumbs down.  Beyond that this is a fun book with a bunch of great Superman stories and was well worth the six bucks I spent on it.

I need to buy more Blue Ribbon Digests.  I really do.

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