I tend to collect a lot of things involving Superman.  These posts are the newest additions to that collection.

Today I came home, checked the mail and found a small package that once I got through the wrapping contained this.

Making of Superman Front Cover

This was a book that I barely knew existed and only got interested in tracking it down because they showed Superman Returns co-writer Michael Dougherty reading this on the plane ride to Australia in that exhaustive making of documentary that could be found in both the two-disc special edition release of the film and the 14 disc set that I just had happen to possess.  I re-watched the documentary recently, saw the book, hit my best friend eBay and lo and behold there it was.  I ended up paying $20 all told but that was with shipping and I really wanted to own it.

So that’s awesome.

Here’s the back cover.

Making of Superman Back Cover

I look forward to reading this.  Don’t know how soon I’ll get to it because I have a back log of reading right now, but I think it will be enjoyable.  I’m a bit concerned actually because despite this book being in pretty good shape I am paranoid that once I open it for the first time the thing will either snap in half or crumble to dust in my hands like it just drank from the Holy Grail or something.

I let you know how it goes.

More to follow…

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