I tend to collect a lot of things involving Superman.  These posts are the newest additions to that collection.

One of the more recent and now out of control sub-genres of my Superman collecting is trade paperbacks, graphic novels, hardcover collections and the like.  Frankly this is the more questionable section of the “archives”.  I own eighty-five percent of the comics that are in the trades sitting on my bookshelf but I like owning them just the same and as much as they are sort of useless they can be quite convenient. 

I mean the choice between having to move and sort through a bunch of short boxes to get what I want to read and simply walking up to the booksshelf is kind of a no-brainer at times.

Today I came home and much like yesterday there was a package for me in the mail.  I ripped open the packing envelope and inside were two trades; Superman: Our Worlds At War Books 1 and 2, both of which were first released in 2002.

Our Worlds At War Book 1 Front

Now what makes this purchase kind of crazy is that I already own the Superman: Our Worlds at War Complete Edition that DC put out in 2006.  That’s the big, honking edition that has the entire saga in one volume, which is quite unwieldy really.  I mean the thing is huge.  I didn’t need to buy these editions, but they are quite nice to own just the same.

Our Worlds At War Book 2 Cover

Plus, I got both for $9.99.  The shipping was free, so that breaks down to nearly five dollars a book.  And they’re in great shape too, so there’s that. 

So yeah, kind of insane to have bought them, but it was a good deal and I like having them on the shelf.

More to follow…

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