I tend to collect a lot of things involving Superman.  These posts are the newest additions to that collection.

This one was a good deal.

As much as I want to fill the bookshelf with a complete collection of Superman trade paperbacks and such the fifty dollar price tag that most of the DC Archive Editions have is something of a bridge too far for me.  I can’t justify spending that kind of bread for a book no matter how nice they look.  Luckily help is available thanks to my old friend eBay.

Superman Archives Volume 3

I bought Volumes 1 and 2 about ten years ago at this place called Book Nook that used to be in Riverdale, GA.  They were ten bucks a piece and I just couldn’t pass up the deal.  Since then they have been the only Archives on the book shelf until now.  I found this one on eBay a few weeks ago and it had a starting bid of $14.95 with a five dollar shipping charge.  I plugged in a fifteen dollar highest bid and sat for six days completely convinced that someone was going to come in at the last moment and snipe me. 

Thankfully that didn’t happen and I got Volume 3 for twenty bucks.

Can I get a boo yah?

I thought I could.

More to follow…

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One Response to ACQUISITIONS FOR 03-25-08

  1. Jon says:

    The Archives books were a treasure when I was a kid, because of that massive price tag, and because you couldn’t get the stories anywhere else at that time. My dad threw out my entire comic collection once, and these were part of it. Bastard.

    But! I am rebuilding a collection. Only a very few are scanned and available as torrents, and those that aren’t are beginning to populate my bookshelf. They are Lily’s main exposure to the Golden and Silver Ages.

    And yes, I am going back and reading all your old posts. Nothing weird about that…

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