As promised, here are the last of the cover scans from the comics I bought last week.  I can honestly say that while I did not save the best for last it certainly turned out that way.

Another classic cover and oddly enough one I yanked from the Grand Comics Database to kick off this new era of the Fortress.  Aside from some wrinkles and a bit of spine distress this issue is in pretty good shape, so as I have been writing over and over again this week I was pretty psyched to find it in the longbox of awesome for the paltry sum of three dollars.

Now that I own this book I have issues 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 of Superman (vol. 1).  Yes I count Adventures of Superman in the numbering of the first volume simply because DC chose to return to that numbering after Infinite Crisis.  That’s kind of cool, at least to me.  Maybe I’ll track down and spend the money on Superman (vol. 1) #100 just have it.

This is a weird cover though.  It doesn’t have that anniversary issue feel to it.  To me it seems like a fairly standard, bizarre Silver Age cover.

Oh well, the story might be anniversary worthy even if the cover isn’t.

This is another one of those covers I would stare at again and again in Superman: From The ’30s to the’70s.  It’s just a great cover.  The other Clark Kent has a beard, something I had never even thought could happen back then, and the S on the real Clark’s chest looks awesome.  To make things even better it has the checker board top to it like many DC comics did around this time.

I don’t know why I like those checker board covers, but I do.

There’s a little bit of water damage on the bottom and the spine, which I cropped out to make the image look a little more presentable, is kind of messed up but this was a book I just had to own.  If I am correct this cover came from a design by a young Cary Bates.  Back then if a reader sent in a cover design that Julius Schwartz liked enough he would use it and award that reader with free artwork.  This cover is pure Silver Age and you can’t beat a shrunken Superman trapped in a bird cage as Luthor and Brainiac argue about which one gets to kill the Man of Steel.

Love it.

And finally…

This issue has a lot going for it.  First, you have a bare chested Lex and Superman duking it out on the cover and from the looks of it Luthor is giving Superman quite the beating.  Second it’s a really cool story where Superman and Lex head to another planet under a red sun because Lex calls out Superman and challenges him to a fair fight.  Finally, and most importantly, this is the first appearance of Lexor.  It wasn’t called Lexor yet, but this is the planet that would embrace Lex as a hero and think of Superman as a villain.  The eventual fate of Lexor is kind of tragic and tied into Lex getting his awesome eighties armor, but this is where is all began.

And now I own it.

Which is awesome.

And that is all for this week.  I don’t have anything big planned for next week.  I’ll be working all the way up until Dragon*Con, which begins on Friday but I’ll have something every day like usual.  Have a good weekend, y’all.

More to follow…

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  1. Was Knor-El the older or younger sibling? Knowing that answer would really help me determine which brother to root for.

  2. Bibliomike says:

    The best thing about the X-ray gun cover is the cigar falling out of Perry’s mouth – you can practically hear him saying, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!”

    Thanks for a really fun week at your fortress 🙂

  3. Charlie says:

    Very iconic issues. Good find! Also, it was Weisinger that used reader ideas, not Schwartz. At least in the case of Cary Bates’ cover idea.

  4. Alan Leach Jr. says:

    Another great set of covers. As I said in the last covers post issues 200 and 201 were the two first silver age Superman issues I got. If I remeber right Knor El is Kal El’s older brother in an imaginary story. Its interesting how the cover and theme of 201 is similar to 209. Seeing all these covers just brings me back to my teen years when I really made an effort to pick get some of these very same issues.

  5. Geekarino says:

    Thanks for sharing the covers Mike! I always look forward to you postings and podcast(s)!

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