I mentioned in a recent episode of Views From The Longbox that I am a big fan of older trade paperbacks.  Recently I managed to snag a first printing of the Maximum Carnage trade for a relative steal on eBay.  In all honesty it isn’t all that different from the current version floating around but I really like this cover.  It’s a Ron Lim (I like me some Ron Lim) piece and while it is not dynamic it sure is memorable.  The date on the credits page is listed as 1994 (the year I graduated high school) and has an introduction and afterward by J.M. DeMatteis where he explains the origins of the story.  Here’s the back cover.

$24.95 seems to be the average price of a trade paperback these days.  In 1994 this must have seemed like a fortune.

But it’s mine and it was like $18 with shipping and that is all that matters.

More to follow…

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2 Responses to ACQUISITIONS FOR 12/02/2010

  1. Kelen says:

    I almost have all the single issues for this. Despite everyone hating it, I really enjoyed it since I missed the first Carnage arc in Amazing.

  2. SteveJRogers says:

    You know that demotivational poster featuring a cosplaying Spidey, Venom and Carnage doing a little dance kicks in what I assume is Times Square, with the caption “It’s The End Of The World…And We Don’t Care”? I love several Crawlspacers caption for it being “The Way Maximum Carnage SHOULD Have Ended!”

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