Here’s another regular feature I am going to try and bring back from the dead.  Over the last few months I have gotten more on board with the New 52 and because of that I have actually been looking forward to Wednesday.  As I keep saying and writing; it may not be “my” DC Comics but I kind of miss knowing what is going on beyond the Superman titles.  So, this might be the start of something permanent or I may end up letting it fall by the way side again.  We’ll see how this goes.

Superman Books

Superboy (2011) #017Young Romance (2011) #01World's Finest (2011) #009Smallville Season 11 #010I’ll be diving into Superboy #17 after I get through some other newish books that have been piling up, which I am looking forward to because H’El on Earth has been an excellent story. World’s Finest is always a welcome sight though I was a bit disappointed that Earth-2 somehow got left out of the box.  Young Romance was a book I thought I wouldn’t have much interest in but oddly enough I am now looking forward to it.  Maybe it was the perforated valentines in the middle of the book.  Smallville Season 11 is another book I am behind on but I have liked what I have read so this will be fun to get to.

Other Books

  • Batman #17
  • Detective Comics #s 13 and 17
  • Batman and Robin #17

What’s with all of the Bat titles coming out on one day?  Not that it was a huge bite out of the wallet but still.  I have been waiting until the final chapter of Death of the Family before I read the whole thing and oddly enough the timing of me going through the Batman titles that have been piling up (Night of the Owls was sixteen different kinds of awesome) is just right for me to start DOTF.  Based on NOTO I am pretty sure I will enjoy it.  For some reason I never got Detective #13 so I grabbed that.  I am glad I am sticking with Batman and Robin for the time being as it is turning into a favorite book of mine.

And that’s it for this week.  I am fairly sure that this won’t be a weekly thing as I don’t always get my books on a weekly basis but hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up.

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