Technically this edition should be called New Comics (02/20/2013 and 02/21/2013) as I went back to the shop the next day to get a few things but more on that in a minute.

Superman Books

Action Comics (Vol. 2) #017Action Comics (Vol. 2) #017 Variant Supergirl (2011)#017Justice League (2011) #017For the past two weeks I have made a habit of taking a picture of the new comics I have purchased and posting them to both Facebook and Twitter.  I thought it might be a fun thing to do since some of the other kids have taken to doing it as well.  For the past two weeks it has been pointed out to me that I was missing a book that was supposed to be on my pull list.  I wasn’t angry either week because I am fairly sure that it was probably an oversight on the part of Dave over at Dave’s Comics.  Last week it was Earth-2 #9 and this week is was Supergirl #17.  I had some errands to run the day after I hit the shop anyway so I went by Dave’s again and managed to find both books. For some reason Supergirl #17 got mixed up in the variant covers so it was rather fortuitous that I was looking for the Action Comics variant you see above.

Supergirl #17 was a solid chapter in H’El on Earth though I have a few reservations about how the story is going to wrap up.  The whole Oracle thing doesn’t really jibe with H’El’s plans and it almost (and I realize I am stretching here) feels a little like this is trying to be DC’s version of Galactus coming to Earth but I have enjoyed the story thus far and am looking forward to the conclusion.  Action Comics was its usual roller coaster ride and you can read my full review of that issue over at the Superman Homepage.  The variant cover this time is absolutely gorgeous though I will admit that baby Kal-El looks a little wonky.  If you want a couple of really great wallpapers of this cover head on over to Sensor Sweep where you have two options for your desktop.  You can find those here and here.  Justice League #17 was a satisfying conclusion to Throne of Atlantis though I can see where some people may have been put off by it since it was so Aquaman heavy.  Then again it was an Aquaman centric story so I sort of expected that.  If the story had been called Sword of Paradise Island I would assume that Wonder Woman would have taken center stage in the finale.

Other Books

  • Justice League of America #1
  • Justice League of America’s Vibe #1
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #17
  • Batgirl #17
  • Green Lantern #17
  • Nightwing #17
  • Flash #13-16

Justice League of America #1 was really solid.  I admit I wasn’t expecting much but the series has a lot of potential.  My only real concern is that it seems like DC is insistent on setting up hero vs. hero fights and I am worried that that is what this series is going to turn into.  Still, I liked what I read and the David Finch art was great.  Vibe #1 was a real treat and I like the government angle that was added to it.  I am not sure this book is going to survive because the concept has a limited shelf life but I am sticking with it for the moment.  Red Hood and the Outlwaws #17 was a nice character piece with a cliffhanger ending.  It reminded me of an Uncanny X-Men story Lobdell wrote at the end of X-Cutioner’s Song.  Batgirl #17 was…well it wasn’t bad but I preferred the Gail Simone written issues of this series.  Nightwing #17 was another nice character piece but it felt heavy handed in places.

I haven’t cracked Green Lantern #17 or the Flash issues I bought as of yet because I have a little catching up to do with those titles.  If all goes well I should be up to speed (no pun intended there) on both of those titles within a week or two.  I have managed to get through all of the Batman titles that were piled up and my New 52 reading is coming along nicely.  Aquaman is up next on the docket with Firestorm to follow and then Flash and then Green Lantern.  So I have some good reading ahead of me it seems.

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