Lois and Clark Season 1

So I have started to plow through my season box sets of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

I have mixed feelings about this show.  I really do.  I enjoyed the majority of the first season and the second season had some good episodes to it but starting in season three the show started to take a turn for the worse.

Maybe re-watching the series will change my mind.

Or maybe it won’t.  I’ll keep you posted.

More to follow…


So at this point you’re probably asking yourself why the Internet needs another blog about comic books much less one about Superman.  It’s a fair question, really and one I have a definite answer to.

I wanted to.

Not a deep or insightful reason to be sure but it’s pretty much it.  I like Superman.  I’ve liked Superman since I can remember liking anything.  Sure it wasn’t until 1987 that I started reading the comics full time (and never stopped, actually) but between the Super Friends and the Christopher Reeve movies I was a fan and since that fateful day in 1987 when I decided, “Hey, I want to collect the Superman books,” I have done my best to read and learn as much about the character as I possibly can.

So producing a blog about Superman seemed natural.  I thought about doing a full on, four alarm site but wisely decided against it.  For one thing I am not all that proficient at doing this web thing.  The fact that I got this blog going and looking the way it does is something of a minor miracle and frankly between work, the wife, my podcast (Views From The Longbox) and other such things I didn’t want to devote the time to building a site that I could be proud of.  For another thing there’s little site that some of you may have heard of called The Superman Homepage that seems to know a thing or two about the character, so why do something that someone has already done and done it well?

Besides, I write reviews for the Superman Homepage, so it seemed like a bizarre, fannish conflict of interest.

A blog, though.  A blog is something different.  A blog I can sink my teeth into because I could literally post about anything I wanted to and not have to worry about following a theme or format.  A blog could be fun because if I wanted to do a serious, in depth article on something related to the Man of Steel I could and if I wanted to post a picture with a snarky, supposedly funny comment I could do that too. 

And thus the Fortress of Baileytude was born.

Ross Mythology CoverWhile I have some definite, long term plans for this blog for now it is going to be me writing haphazardly about Superman on a daily basis.  One day could be the comics, the next could be about Lois and Clark, the next could be about the latest trade paperback I bought off eBay.  I’m just going to try and have some fun while channeling all of the energy I have as a Superman fan.  I have yet to decide if I am going to write reviews.  As I previously mentioned I write for the Superman Homepage (I review Superman/Batman and Justice League of America currently) so I would only post links to those reviews, but I just don’t know if writing reviews for all of the titles would be a good idea. 

Then again maybe I will.  I tend to change my mind a lot.

More than anything this blog will be about my thoughts and feelings regarding Superman.  I am not setting out to claim that my views are the right ones or that you should agree with me.  I’m a bit sarcastuc and many time it will seem like I am making fun of some old comic or some episode from the second season of Adventures of Superman, but most of the time it won’t be mean-spirited just me once more trying to do some more of that funny stuff I was writing about earlier.  In all seriousness I do have some pretty firm opinions about certain aspects of the Man of Steel’s history and there are some eras and adaptations that I just flat out don’t care for, but that’s just the way I feel.  If you think I’m wrong just let me know.  There’s a comment section at the end of every post and you can even e-mail me if you like at [email protected] with any thoughts or dissenting opinions regarding something I have written.  In fact, I encourage it because another reason I started this blog was to meet other Superman fans, both like minded and otherwise.  The only thing I ask if that you be respectful of me and others.  Civil discourse is fine.  Being a jerk isn’t, so just observe the Golden Rule, which is post if you want but don’t get out of line.

Sound good?

So for right now I welcome you to this blog and hope that you’ll have as much fun reading it as I do writing it. 

One more thing; this site is a work in progress so please bear with me until I get all of the kinks worked out.  I hope that within a few months everything will be the way I want it to be but for right now it’s going look a little rough around here.

More to follow…