Episode 27: Batman Year One Part 1

Back in 2012, I got together with Donovan Morgan Grant and Michael Kaiser to talk about Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  It was a great conversation and we always said that at some point we would get back together to talk about Batman: Year One.

That time…is now.

For this first part of a two part conversation, Don, Michael, and I talk about the first two parts of Batman: Year One.  The conversation sticks mainly to the story, but we take a few detours along the way.  We have a brief discussion about the first issue of Frank Miller’s Superman: Year One and then talk about how this story not only gave us a definitive Batman origin (for a few decades, at any rate) but also served as a new direction for James Gordon as a character.  We also go over how Selina Kyle was treated in this story, how it took Gotham from a normal city to a brutal, hellhole, and more.  The first two chapters of Batman: Year One took place in Batman issues 404 and 405.

Below is a gallery of images and covers from the comics we talked about during this episode.

A huge thank you to Donovan and Michael for doing this.  Donovan can be found on the Questions: We Don’t Have Answers podcast and Michael can be found on the Make Ours Marvel podcast.

Next Time: We conclude our musings on Batman: Year One with the third and forth chapter.

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