Episode 1: March 1983

Here it is, folks!  The very first episode of Bailey’s Batman Podcast.  In this exciting first episode I talk about how I became such a Batman fan, my experiences with the character and how this show is going to work.  After that I get into the meat of the matter by covering the two main Batman books with the cover date of March 1983.  In Batman #357 the Squid returns and we see the first appearances of Killer Croc and Jason Todd.  The action continues (literally) in Detective Comics #524 as the battle with the Squid comes to a shocking conclusion.

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Next time: We roll into the April 1983 books as Batman and Killer Croc square off for the very first time.

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  1. ryanmcmanus says:

    hello Micheal you are my idol i am a great fan of batman and when i hear your voice talking about him i could sit and listen all day please keep making podcast and the marvel and dc universe be with you excelsior

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