Episode 2: April 1983

Welcome back to the show, everyone!  This posting may be a day late but the show was on time so I should get an A for effort and a D for getting the website updated on time.

That averages out to what…a B-…maybe a C+?  I don’t know.

Anyway after talking about a really good deal I got on Batman back issues at DragonCon 2011 I dive right into to the Bat-books with an April 1983 cover date, both of which have guest artists.  In Batman #358 we are treated to a Curt Swan drawn tale of the Dark Knight as Batman steps up his investigation to find Killer Croc while Croc vies for control of Gotham’s underworld and at the end the two square off for the first time.  Then, in Detective Comics #525 we are treated to some early Dan Jurgens art as Batman searches for proof that Croc is alive and also makes one of the worst mistakes one can make while on a date with Vicki Vale.  This is followed by Killer Croc vs. Batman, Round Two.  The episode wraps up with where else Batman appeared this cover month in the newly (and some will probably say poorly) named Same Bat-Month, Different Bat-Appearance segment followed by three of your e-mails.

During the e-mail segment I read feedback from three of the people that I had sent “preview copies” of the first episode to under the delusion that I was going to be several episodes ahead before I released the first one.  That…didn’t happen but I still got some nice e-mails from my friends in the podcasting community including Andrew Leyland (who co-hosts Hey Kids, Comics! with his son Micheal), Michael Kaiser (who used to co-host Legends of the Batman and The Mighty Shield: A Captain America podcast) and Scott Gardner (who co-hosts Two True Freaks and Tales of the JSA).  I am also on the Comics Monthly Monday episodes of TTF and co-host Tales with Scott, just to throw that out there.

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Next time: I cover the May 1983 Bat-books, which include Batman #359 and the over-sized Detective Comics #527!

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Or…you know…tell other people about the show.

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One Response to EPISODE 2: APRIL 1983

  1. tbor says:

    I’m enjoying the podcast so far. The early 1980s is my favorite period of Batman. It’s a shame your collection doesn’t go back to the beginning of the Gerry Conway run. That’s when this era truly seems to begin (Batman 340 and Detective 508 or thereabouts). Lots of great Newton and Colan artwork.

    Conway/Newton did a few issues of Detective before then but that’s when it essentially became a bi-weekly book written by Conway.

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