Episode 4: Halloween 2011

Welcome back to Bailey’s Batman Podcast, everyone!  This week I present something off the beaten path.  The original plan was to cover the June 1983 books but I got to looking at the calendar and realized that Halloween is fast approaching.  I love Halloween so I thought it might be fun to do a special episode focusing on a Batman story (or two) that has a supernatural or horror element to it (or them).

To that end I am going back all the way to 1939 for two stories that are actually parts one and two of a larger tale.  Detective Comics issues 31 and 32 featured the first and second chapters of a story that has come to be known as Batman vs. The Vampire where Batman fights for the life and soul of his fiance Julie Madison against the Mad Monk.  It is…goofy but a lot of fun at the same time.

During the episode I mention that the (unfortunately) on hiatus Legends of the Batman podcast (hosted by Michael Bradley and Michael Kaiser) covered these stories as well.  You can find those episodes by going here and here.  If you haven’t already listened to the show do so because I enjoyed it quite a bit and hope that it comes back someday.

Subscribing to the show is easy and fun.  Well…it is easy at least.  The RSS feed link can be found here or you can subscribe through iTunes here.  The e-mail address for the show is [email protected]. Write in.  I like getting feedback.

Next time: I cover the Bat-Books with a June 1983 cover date, including Batman #360 and Detective Comics #527!

No really.  This time I am going to actually cover those books.

And remember…

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