Episode 6: July 1983

This time out I’m covering the Batman titles that came out with a July 1983 cover date.  In Batman #361 the Man-Bat story wraps up and we learn that Jason Todd’s reasoning skills leave a little to be desired.  We also get the return of someone that will become a major supporting character as well as a major thorn in Commissioner Gordon’s side.  Then in Detective Comics #528 that character leads the search for the Savage Skull, who isn’t dead after all.  Finally I start my coverage of Batman and the Outsiders with the 16 page preview story from Brave and the Bold #200.  Things get wrapped up with Same Bat Time, Different Bat Title and some of your e-mails!

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Next time: I cover the August 1983 books which include Batman #362, Detective Comics #529 and Batman and the Outsiders #1.

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3 Responses to EPISODE 6: JULY 1983

  1. Luke says:

    Michael, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Batman and the Outsiders! Too bad we couldn’t work something out with me as your Outsiders correspondant but I would like to guest star on some future episodes featuring some of the major Outsiders issues!

  2. calvin bowes says:

    when will episode 7 be out

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