That’s right, folks, Bailey’s Batman Podcast is back with a new format and a new release schedule.  The first real return episode hits on the 11th, but until then check out this new trailer that I just finished making.  It hints at what you can expect from the show from now on.  Also be sure to head on over to Facebook and “friend” BBP’s Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter.

See you on Tuesday, which I suppose is a lot better than seeing you next Tuesday, or so Andy Leyland would have me believe.

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2 Responses to COMING SEPTEMBER 11, 2012…

  1. Garrey Adams says:

    So I listened to your new promo (or trailer) and you stated in it that there has been 7 episodes. I’m only seeing 6 currently available. Was there one that I missed or have you misspoken? And by the way… all your new episodes will be posting on my new site the Batman Podcast Connection. Which is the Bat-version of your Superman Podcast Network as I post all the new podcast from all the top Batman related podcasts on the net! The current URL is Hoping to drop the subdomain for when I get some more cash flow. But looking forward to the new episodes! -Garrey

  2. Michael Bailey says:

    This issue has been fixed. Thanks, Garrey!

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