Episode 8: The Batman (1989) Movie Commentary

Grab some liquid refreshment, pop some popcorn, load up the DVD and turn down the lights, folks!  It’s time for Bailey’s Batman Podcast’s very first movie commentary!  That’s right this week I sat down and blabbed on for over two hours as I watched the 1989 Tim Burton classic…Batman.  This was an interesting experiment because I have never done a solo commentary before and as usual what I planned to talk about and what I actually ended up talking about turned out to be two different things.  The commentary is completely off the cuff with no notes and no editing because, well, you can’t edit once the movie starts, so this is about as raw as you can get podcasting wise.  Be sure to write in and let me know what you think of the commentary as I was planning on doing more of these with the other Batman movies and was curious if there was interest from you the listeners for such episodes.

During the preamble of this episode I mention that back in 2008 the Irredeemable Shag and I did a little thing called Bat Week for one of my other podcasts Views From The Longbox.  If you haven’t heard those episodes yet check out this link and give them a listen.  At some point I may re-listen to them myself to see if my opinions of the various Bat-films have changed all that much over the last four years.

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Subscribing to the show is easy and fun.  Well…it is easy at least.  The RSS feed link can be found here or you can subscribe through iTunes here.  The e-mail address for the show is [email protected]. Write in.  I like getting feedback.

Next time: My commentary for the 1989 Batman film!

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