Episode 10: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

Hey, it’s part two of an epic conversation about the legendary The Dark Knight Returns.  Joining me once again are Donovan Morgan Grant, who is a reviewer over at the Spider-Man Crawlspace, panelist on the Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast, panelist on the Batman Universe podcast and co-host of The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast and Michael Kaiser, the former co-host of Legends of the Batman, The Mighty Shield: A Captain America Podcast and the New 52 Adventures of Superman.  In this second installment we spend a lot of time talking about Superman’s role in this story.  Like, a lot of time.  And there isn’t as much yelling and screaming as you would think.  We also talk about the last two issues and the cultural legacy of the series.

I want to thank Don and Mike for coming out to play.  It was such a blast and they are welcome back to the show anytime.

During the course of the episode I mention two other podcasts that have discussed this story.  The first is the Batman-On-Film podcast, which covered the series back in 2001.  You can find that episode here.  Also Jim Moon has been doing an entire series within a series over on the Hypnobobs podcast called The Natural History of the Batman and while I recommend you listen to all of the Batman related episodes he touches on Dark Knight Returns during this episode.

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Next time: Batman #400 with Andrew Leyland!

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