Episode 12: Batman #400

This time out I am joined by Andrew Leyland (he of Hey Kids Comics and Fantasticast fame) to talk about the epic Batman #400.  Well, technically we talk about Batman right after the Crisis on Infinite Earths and have a pretty healthy discussion on exactly when the Pre-Crisis Batman ends and the Post-Crisis Batman starts.  Along the way we also look at Detective Comics #566, which has an awesome cover and a…well, I hesitate to really call it a story but you’ll see why when you listen to the episode.  After all of that we devote a good hour and a half to the anniversary issue in question.  Finally I begin a new feature here on Bailey’s Batman Podcast, namely Who’s Who in the Batman Universe.  I thought it would be fun to read through a Batman related entry from DC’s original Who’s Who series at the end of each episode and so I am going to start…reading a Batman related Who’s Who entry at the end of each episode.  For this inaugural installment I present the Earth-2 Batman.  For grins here’s the entry in case you want to follow along at home.

And also for grins here is the back cover to Batman #400, which is the front cover without all of the copy.

I’d like to thank Andy for coming on the show and appreciate his understanding when something happens at the end of the episode.

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Next time: A Halloween surprise.

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