Episode 13: The Batman Forever Commentary

Happy Halloween/Samhain, everyone!  To celebrate that most awesome of holidays I decided to sit down and record another full length movie commentary.  You would think that I would go with Batman Returns as that is the next film in the franchise following 1989’s Batman but since Batman Forever (or at least part of it) takes place during Halloween I thought it would be fun to skip ahead and cover this one instead.  I must apologize for the rushed nature of this episode as I was up against the clock while I was recording it and at one point my wife came in to ask me a question and I nearly had to stop  the recording at that point.  I decided to soldier on and even with that minor and amusing interruption I had  a grand time recording this.  This movie was a tough nut to crack as there are aspects I really like and aspects I really…don’t like.  So grab some popcorn and soda, pop in your DVD or VHS of Batman Forever and enjoy the commentary!

Next time: Tom Panarese stops by to discuss the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told!

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  2. Garrey Adams says:

    Hey Mike,

    Listen to the Batman Forever commentary and I have what I believe is a correction to a statement you made. You mentioned that Chris O’Donnell beat out a lot of big names in his audition for the role of Dick Grayson/Robin. You then mentioned that Christian Bale was on that list. I have heard this before and after doing research I have found nothing but rumors that supports this. Bale himself has stated that it was on untrue. I believe there was one interview where he was asked about this and he stated that “There’s no bloody way I would have auditioned for ‘Robin’!”

    Would have been a nice paradox but I do not believe was ever the case. Just rumors that, usually are false.

    Oh and the Batman Forever Batmobile is my FAVORITE lol. You were killing me. I think it’s the best looking Batmobile. And I believe you even said yourself, it suits the movie quite well.

    Just saying.

    Thanks and keep up the great podcasting!

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