Episode 15: A Chill In The Air

This time out I am joined by podcasting legend Scott Gardner.  In addition to now mailing me a check for writing that Scott is one of the Freaks over at the Two True Freaks Podcasting Network where he co-hosts such shows as Star War Monthly Monday, Comics Monthly Monday, Star Trek Monthly Monday and more.  Scott joins me to talk about a Golden Age Batman story that was pivotal to the Dark Knight’s evolution as a character.  In Detective Comics #33 Bill Finger and Bob Kane revealed that Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed by a common thief.  Nearly ten years later Finger and Kane returned to that story and expanded on it in a tale from Batman #47.  “The Origin of Batman” revealed how the Caped Crusader came face to face with yesterday and confronted Joe Chill, the man that shot his father which caused his mother to have a heart attack.  Scott and I discuss the story in-depth and then go on for quite some time about the place this story has in Batman’s history including the episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold which adapted it.  Scott even reveals his TRUE feelings for the sixties Batman television series!  It was a fun conversation and Scott is welcome back any time.

During the episode I mention that Scott and I discussed this story or at least elements of this story years ago on an episode of Back to the Bins.  You can find that episode here.  Check it out!

Also Scott and I were both reading this story in a 1976 trade paperback titled Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes.  This is an amazing book with an equally amazing cover so if you happen upon it at a reasonable price I would heartily recommend it.

Also, here’s the Who’s Who entry I talk about late in the episode.

EDIT: I nearly forgot to post Keith’s image.  Sorry, Keith!

Awesome, ain’t it?

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Next time: Three…count them…three reviews in one packed episode!

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  2. Keith Samra says:

    Thanks so much Mike for the very kind words, and also pimpin’ my little sketchI did for you. I will be sure to ink and color it for you.

    Also and more importantly, I enjoyed this episode alot. You and Scott make for some great listening. looking forward to the next episode, sounds choc full Bat Awesome-ness!

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