Batman Begins PosterEpisode 17: Mike “vs” The Nolan Films Part 1

I don’t think it is a secret that I have some issues with the Christopher Nolan Batman films.  There are parts of those movies that I like and there are parts that I really don’t like.  Recently I sat down with my friend Donovan Morgan Grant (he of BatmanUniverse.net, Spider-Man Crawlspace and The Next Dimension: A DragonBall Z Podcast fame) to have a spirited debate about the pros and cons of the Nolan Trilogy.  In the first part we begin (no pun intended) by discussing fandom in general and then make our way into Batman Begins.

Just to be clear; these episodes are not three hours or me complaining about the films while Don defends them.  If you are going into this expecting me to just rip the movies to shreds you are going to be disappointed.  I tried my best to be fair with my criticisms and honest about what parts of the films I actually liked.  I’d also like to thank Don for not only coming on to the show to talk about the Nolan Trilogy but also sending me my copy of Dark Knight Rises, which was mighty keen of him as I did not want to pay money for it.

Next time: Mike “vs” The Nolan Films Part 2!  Coming in a just a few, short days!

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  2. Robert says:

    I haven’t had the chance to listen to part 2 just yet but I have to say that everything Don said about you in the beginning is spot on. If there was a award for nicest guy in podcasting- you would win in.

    I just happened to listen to the Two True Freaks commentary for Dark Knight and while I am against the Nolan films I found their criticism a bit over the top and unnecessary at times while your grips are rather reasonably presented and not as outright hatred. Your point though about the Nolan film fanbase is 100% right. I sadly did see TDKR in theatres and regretted it instantly. Frankly, I can’t understand how ANYONE could consider TDKR oscar-worthy. Bale is awesome but as Wayne I don’t think it was too great. Let alone I truly think Nolan is a AWFUL filmmaker but whatever.

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