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Episode 20: The Cases of the Chemical Syndicate Part 1

Back in 1939 the Bat-Man first appeared in a six page story between the covers of Detective Comics #27.  It was a simple and direct story that has been retold several times over the next seventy five years.  Since it is Batman’s birthday and since I have done little or nothing to mark this I thought it would be fun to look not only at the original story by Bob Kane and Bill Finger but the five re-tellings that I am aware of.  In this first installment I look at the first Case of the Chemical Syndicate from 1939.  Then I jump in the Bat-DeLorean to 1969 to look at a then modern take on the story in the pages of Detective Comics #387.  Finally I Quantum Bat-Leap to the year 1986 where I go through a story from the pages of Secret Origins #6 that not only re-tells the Case of the Chemical Syndicate but also the origin story from Detective Comics #33.

During the course of the episode I mention that you should check out a show that has sadly podfaded.  It was called Legends of the Batman hosted by Michael Bradley and Michael Kaiser.  You can click HERE to check out the 28 episodes they produced.  Also be sure to check out Michael Bradley’s current show Superman & Batman, which can be found by clicking HERE.  Finally if you have a hankering to learn more about the history of the Dark Knight be sure to check out a series of episodes of Jim Moon’s Hypnobobs podcast titled The Natural History of the Batman.  It is not always safe for work but it is always highly informative, entertaining and will make you laugh out loud without the need to shorten that phrase.  You can find the first episode by clicking HERE.

Next Time: I finish up my look at the various Cases of the Chemical Syndicate by looking at two stories from Detective Comics #627 and a more recent version from Detective Comics (Vol. 2) #27.

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