Christmas 2014

Episode 21: Christmas 2014

Roughly two years ago I released a Christmas themed episode where Andrew Leyland (of Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights, The Fantasticast and Listen to the Prophets fame) and I did a commentary for Batman Returns.  This time out we turn our attention to the comics and picked one straight up Batman Christmas story and one that can be tangentially tied to Christmas but is really a Halloween story but I wanted to talk about it anyway.

In The Silent Night of Batman we get to see Batman take the night off around the holidays while his spirit and the idea of Batman continues to have an impact on the people of Gotham.  This is followed by the audio from the Power Records audio drama The Christmas Carol Caper where we hear Batman’s life threatened by an unknown villain as well as the Dark Knight singing, which is…odd.  Finally we cover Batman: Ghosts, which was a Legends of the Dark Knight special written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Tim Sale.  Strictly speaking this is a Halloween story but it takes Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and adapts to Batman and that holiday.  In between those comics are two rather long tangents where we talk about a lot of things but mainly the impact of trade paperbacks on Batman and on the various creators that have worked on Batman over the years.  All in all it’s a fun two hours and I hope you enjoy it.

Next time: The second part to my look at the various versions of The Case of the Chemical Syndicate.

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