Batman_Vol_1_300Episode 22: Batman #300

Sometimes when you are planning an episode of a podcast you have nothing but the best of intentions.  You think you have picked out a fantastic comic and then you ask a good friend to come along for the ride.  Then you actually read the comic and realize that things have gone wrong.  Not horribly wrong but wrong nonetheless.

That’s what happened with this particular comic.  When I asked Tom Panarese (he of Pop Culture Affidavit and In Country fame) to come join me to talk about Batman #300 I thought that it would be similar to the time that Andy Leyland and I talked about Batman #400.  We’d get together, talk about Batman, talk about anniversary issues and talk about a great story that celebrates the Dark Knight in fine style  As it turns out the story in Batman #300 has some problems.  What kind of problems?  Is it really that bad?  How long does it take for us to finally talk about the comic?  Well you’ll have to listen to this episode to find out.

 Next Time: Rob Kelly joins me to talk about Detective Comics #500!

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