Batman From The '30s to the '70sEpisode 24: Batman From The ’30s To The ’70s

This time out I go back to the very beginnings of my comic book reading history and look at Batman: From The ’30s To The ’70s.  This book means a lot to me as it contains the very first Batman stories I ever read.  In many ways this should have been the first episode of this series but things didn’t work out that way.  Joining me on this trip down memory lane is Professor Alan Middleton.  Alan hosts The Quarter Bin Podcast and co-hosts Shortbox Showcase over at the Relatively Geeky Network in addition to writing the Alan’s Eyes and Ears blog and co-hosting on The Book Guys Show.  In addition to being a nice guy, a fan of Doctor Doom and a snappy dresser Alan has some history with this book as well.  We discuss how we first read this collection, how influential the introduction was to us as fans, Batman in the Golden Age, how Dick Grayson was once a newsie (complete with music), Batwoman, Bat-Girl and how much we loved the last section of this book.

Make sure you check out Alan’s other podcasting work and his blogging.  He’s a great guy and I wanted to thank him again for appearing on the show and being so patient with me getting this episode edited.

Next Time: Music Of The Dark Knight

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