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Bailey’s Batman Podcast is a bi-weekly program hosted by me, Michael Bailey.  The show has a pretty simple premise; I like Batman and want to talk about him.  The Dark Knight Detective has a long and rich history and I have been a fan of the character ever since I can remember.  So this show and this site will serve as my outlet to express the love, affection and deep appreciation I have for him.  Anything and everything related to Batman is fair game for discussion.  Comics, movies, television series (animated and live action), action figures, trading cards, etc.  If it is related to Batman it could end up on this show.  Occasionally I will have guest hosts along for the ride but this is mainly a solo effort, which is kind of fitting when you think about it.  The show used to be a straight ahead index of the Batman comics from the introduction of the original Jason Todd onward but after a long hiatus I changed the format, so if you listen to the first six episodes of this show that is what you are going to hear.

Feel free to tell me what you think of the show either by leaving comments here at the site under the show posts or e-mail me by writing to [email protected]. I welcome all feedback, good or bad.

See you every other Tuesday.

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