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Getting in touch with the show is pretty simple.  Direct all comments, questions, criticisms, suggestions, fears, trepidations and cheap shots to [email protected].  E-mails will be read on the show…eventually.  To keep this podcast on schedule I plan to have at least four to six episodes “in the can” so if you write in about episode two you may not hear me read the e-mail until episode six.  If you wish to remain anonymous and/or not have the e-mail read “on the air” indicate that in the subject line.

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  1. calvin bowes says:

    I know its a ways away, But with the death in the famly story. I know fans were to call in and vote wether Robin lived or died. I also recall that dc had to different versions ready one he dies one he does not/Is their anywway to find out how he would have been saved had the voting been different.I do know they wrot that version. ps love the show

  2. calvin bowes says:

    I think you are doing a great job on this podcast.Just like you I am a big Batman fan too. Now I know it is awial before Death in the family.
    But here is a question I would like you to possibly try to find out something mabee by asking the writers them selfs.As you know when Jason Tobb was rubbed out they let the readers deside if he would die, I also remember them saying that they had written 2 comics one whear he lives one whear he dies. Now if possible I would like to find out how Batman was written to have saved him if the readers desided it.That would be an awsom question to ask the creatres.

  3. calvin bowes says:

    I just listoned to your comentary to the 1989 Batman flick and the comentary went verry well with the film. One question at one point you started to coment about Alfred taking Vicki into the Batcave wich was a controvercy . But you got destracted by your drink and you never told us how you felt abouth that you went on to something eals so please tell us how you feel
    One more coment not about the film. Two shows ago you say that Batman is a Super Hero wich I disagree with. Your reasoning is that he does things that if you or I tried them we would die.

    But I feel Batman is a crime fighter not a Super Hero . He doesnt have powers like flying for example and hes not invulnerable like Superman.
    His powers come from many years of training and learning.
    Its like the James Bond of the movies. If you attempted what 007 does you would die as well . But we would not call him a Super hero.
    He may not have a costume but he has gadgets like Batman and his abilities come from years of training as well.
    what do you think?

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