Episode 8: Superman The Movie – 40 Years of the Fastest Typist Ever Seen

In the second part of what has become the wrap up to my celebration of Superman’s 80th birthday I am presenting the audio from a panel I was on at Dragon Con 2018.  Superman The Movie: 40 Years of the Fastest Typist Ever Seen was an hour long conversation about the 40th anniversary of…you guessed it…Superman The Movie.  Joining me on this journey through time and space was Michael French (of Retroblasting fame) author James Palmer, Father Bryan Small and James Hudgens.  Over the course of the hour we discuss how the film was developed, the cast, the crew, the spiritual/religious elements to the film, the impact the movie had and the legacy of the film.  It was a fun panel to be on and it was an honor to share the stage four fellow Superman The Movie fans.

During the wrap up section of this episode I told the audience to come back here to check a few things out.  First up is a link to Caped Wonder, a site run by the always awesome Jim Bowers.  Jim is a tireless defender and promoter of the Christopher Reeve Superman films and the site is a joy to visit.  Jim recently teamed up with Jay Towers to start The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast through iHeart Radio, so be sure to check that out as well.  Years ago Jim posted a bunch of trailers for Superman The Movie and I played the audio from two of those videos during the presentation.  So, credit to Jim is given because credit is due.

Next, here is a link to a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation I put together for this panel.  It is mainly visual but I thought you might like to see what the audience was seeing during as we were talking.

Finally, two good friends of mine recently wrapped up a podcast looking at Superman: The Movie in five minute chunks.  Head on over to The Fire and Water Podcast Network and listen to Superman Movie Minute.  The show is hosted by Rob Kelly and Chris Franklin and it’s a serious deep dive into this film that I was lucky enough to guest on for an episode or two.  They not only talk about the film but the merchandise and even got to interview Richard Donner at one point.  It’s an amazing show and I would say that even if they hadn’t invited me to be on two of the installments.

Finally, thanks, as always, to Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchel for continuing to put me on panels like this one.  It makes con so much fun and I appreciate their faith in me.

Next Time: Another Dragon Con 2018 panel!  This one is about the 25th anniversary of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman!





Episode 07 – Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman

For the seventh episode of this show I am joined by Andrew Leyland (of The Overlooked Dark Knight, Hey Kids Comics, Listen to the Prophets, The Fantasticast and The Palace of Glittering Delights) to talk about the hardcover collection Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman.  This book was released in April of 2018 and was meant to celebrate not only the 80th birthday of Superman but the 80th birthday of Action Comics as a title.  Andy and I compare this book to a previous collection meant to celebrate Superman’s birthday before diving into this volume.  What stories did they choose to reprint?  What were the essays like? What was Jor-El like in college?  Andy and I ask and answer all of those questions and more.

After the main conversation I read some listener feedback and then explain why certain projects that were planned for 2018 fell by the wayside.  During this segment I also get a little personal and open up about a loss my wife and I suffered earlier this year.

Next Time: The Superman birthday celebration continues with the audio from the Superman The Movie : 40 Years of the Fastest Typist Ever Seen panel from DragonCon 2018.


Episode 6: The Superman That Might Have Been

For the sixth episode of the show I am joined by Trentus Magnus to discuss the Supeman that might have been. Back in 1999 the Superman titles went through a regime change when Eddie Berganza took over as editor and made some major adjustments to the creative teams. Gone were the likes of Dan Jurgens and Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove and in were the likes of Jeph Loeb and Joe Kelly and the hundred guys that wrote Adventures of Superman before Joe Casey took over the book. The thing is there could have been another team of creators entirely and the plans they had would have changed Superman even more than what eventually happened to the character in the early 2000’s. Writers Mark Waid, Tom Peyer, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison put together a proposal that would have revamped Superman for the next millennium with a direction that is both awesome and worrisome at the same time. Magnus and I go through the proposal and along the way talk about our thoughts on the elements that these four powerhouse writers wanted to change or keep (but mostly change). It’s a fun conversation that ended up taking longer to release than I thought and for that I apologize to both Magnus and you, the listeners.

After that I am solo with the usual listener feedback section as well as my thoughts on the return of the red trunks, Action Comics #1000’s many covers and the fact that Brian Michael Bendis is going to be the main writer on Superman starting in May.

The proposal Trentus and I are referring to can be found at Superman Thru The Ages and if you click this link you will be taken to the history of the proposal and the proposal itself.

Trentus Magnus hosts Trentus Magnus Punches Reality over at The Two True Freaks Podcasting Network. During episode I mentioned that Trentus did a fantastic look at the Pre-New 52 Legion and that I would put that episode number in the show notes. I don’t know if it’s the cold I currently have or what but I cannot find that episode number to save my life. Still, check out Trentus’ show. It’s good value.

Next Time: Something fun. I’m not sure what it’s going to be just yet but something fun.


Episode 5: Superman and the Justice League

For this extremely late episode I am doing a bit of coattail riding in terms of Superman appearing in a major motion picture.  Justice League came out last month and whether you love it or hate it and whether you think it sank at the box office or did okay, the film centers around a certain Man of Steel.  This seemed like a good time to talk about Superman’s place in the Justice League and if I’m going to talk about the JLA then an obvious co-host is the co-founder of The Fire and Water Podcast Network (and proprietor of Rob Kelly!  Rob and I discuss Superman’s history with various iterations of the team, why it’s important for him to be a member and some of the highlights of Superman’s tenure with the League.  We also discuss a couple of two-part stories that, ironically, are both JLA/JSA crossovers.  First up is the team-up from Justice League of America issues 73 and 74, which not only features the set-up for a longtime League member to join the team but the first meeting between the Earth-1 and Earth-2 Supermans!  Then we travel to the eighties to discuss the last classic JLA/JSA team-up in Justice League of America issues 231 and 232.  The story is enjoyable but these books mainly serve as a chance to talk about how much Rob and I like Supergirl!

After the break I come back with my thoughts on the Justice League movie.  I participated in a round table discussion with Bob Fisher, Jon Wilson and J David Weter (but we got to call him Dave) over on Episode 113 of the Superman Forever Radio podcast and Steve Younis and I talked about the film on the November 14, 2017 and November 21, 2017 episodes of the Radio KAL Live show over at the Superman Homepage.  Scotty V, host of the Great Scott segment over at the Homepage, joined us for the second one and all three of those shows were great to be a part of.   Originally I thought I was going to spend about five to ten minutes talking about the various thoughts that occurred to me after recording those episodes but apparently I had a lot more to say as my original random thoughts became something else.

Finally I go through the feedback I received for the previous episode and do the usual rounds of Facebook comments and likes, Twitter comments, like and shares and iTunes reviews!

Keep those cards and letters and reviews coming, folks!  I enjoy them immensely and I think they add something important to the show!

Here are the covers and selected pages from the comics discussed in this episode!

Big thanks to Rob Kelly for appearing on this episode.  Rob has a bunch of shows you need to be listening to over on The Fire and Water Podcast Network including The Fire and Water Podcast, Who’s Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, The Film and Water Podcast, Superman Movie Minute, The TreasuryCast, The DigestCast, Pod Dylan and The Power Records Podcast.

Next Time: If all goes to plan the next regular episode with feature Trentus Magnus and I discussing the never realized Superman 2000 pitch from the late nineties.


IACBTS Episode 4: Halloween 2017

I should probably write, “Halloween 2017” because we’re a few weeks out from Halloween but I wanted to get this episode out because I had co-hosts and making them wait a year seemed unfair.

Anyway, this time out I am celebrating Halloween by looking at a handful of monster related Superman books with some friends of mine from the Superman podcasting community.  First up is a story from Superman #143 from December of 1960 (cover date February 1961) titled Bizarro Meets Frankenstein where…Bizarro meets Frankenstein.  More accurately Bizarro meets an actor playing Frankenstein’s Monster and I was honored to have Bob Fisher (of Superman Forever Radio fame) stops by to help me go over this story.  We talk about what happens when Bizarro gets jealous that the media is saying Frankenstein is the scariest thing ever, Bizarro as a character and the Silver Age in general.  After a quick break Michael Bradley (of The Thrilling Adventures of Superman and Superman and Batman fame) joins me to talk about Superman & Batman vs Vampires & Werewolves.  This was a 2008 mini-series that I had…mixed feelings on but Michael and I had a fun talking about the story and the differences between Superman and Batman in how they deal with the super natural.  After that I go through your feedback and tease some upcoming projects.

During the show I mentioned Billy Hogan’s excellent show The Superman Fan Podcast.  Be sure to click on the link and check it out.

Next Time: Come back on the 23rd for a special episode celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Death of Superman and then right around the end of the month I’ll be joined by Rob Kelly to talk about Superman’s place in the Justice League of America!


IACBTS Episode 3: The Adventures of the Last Children of Krypton Commentary

Grab your snacks and drinks, pop the Blu-Ray or DVD into the player and sit back, folks, because it’s commentary time!

Actually you don’t necessarily have to watch along with the subject of this commentary but it couldn’t hurt.  In any case, this time out I deliver commentaries for the first two episodes of Season 2 of the (now) CW series Supergirl.  Why?  Well, the third season is starting up soon, so it seemed like a good way to tie into that but more importantly the first two episodes of the second season featured none other than the Last Son of Krypton himself; Superman!  Through the course of these two episodes I talk about my feelings about the Supergirl series in general and what I thought of this version of the Man of Steel.  What did I like?  What didn’t I like?  How does it compare to other versions of the character?  Why won’t I argue about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?  Listen to the commentary and find out.

Someone hand me that piece of my rocket. I need a shave.

After all of that I get into the feedback for the second episode, which includes e-mails, iTunes reviews, Facebook comments, and comments here at the site.  No extra features this time out but I’ll have something for next time.  Promise.

Next Time: Between now and the next official episode there should be a special episode that was recorded at the 2017 DragonCon.  Then, right around the end of the month, I’ll have my very first Halloween special!


It All Comes Back To Superman Episode 2 – Superman Movie Mix Tape

Come with me, my listeners, as we break the bonds of our podcasting confinement and get our mix tape on.  I’ve got my CD’s picked out, a fresh new 220 minute blank cassette and I am seriously ready to hit pause instead of stop so there’s no clicking as you listen.

That’s right, folks.  It’s time to listen to some Superman movie music.

And not just any Superman movie music.  As John Cusak said in the movie High Fidelity, “Now the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art.”  The easy thing to do would be to just play all of the opening and closing themes to the various Superman movies and be done with it.  But that would be boring and repetitive.  I’m sure I could have gotten some mileage out of comparing the various themes and pointing out how different composers subtly changed the order of the music or what they left out but again that could get really boring, really fast.  More to the point there is more to Superman movie music than the Williams theme and by that I mean there are more themes both for the character and in the various movies as well.

Plus, the selection needed to be personal.  This is my mix tape so it needs to reflect my sensibilities.

With that in mind I put together a track list comprising of music from most (but not all) of the theatrical adventures of the Man of Steel.  We start back in the forties with the Fleischer theme, get into the theme to the two Superman serials, add in some Superman vs The Mole Men and then things start getting interesting as I go through the scores of Superman The MovieSuperman IISuperman IIISupergirlSuperman IV: The Quest For PeaceSuperman Returns and Man of Steel and pick out the tracks and pieces of music that speak to me the most.  These are the tracks that I go to time and again when I want to hear some Superman music.

After that I look some of the solicitations of upcoming Superman trade paperback and hardcover collections because I thought it would be fun.  This is followed by YOUR feedback, so there are Facebook comments, comments left here at the site and even an iTunes review!

Next Time: Just in time for the new season of Supergirl on the CW I’ll be doing a commentary track for the first two episodes of season 2 because they featured some guy named Superman.



It All Comes Back to Superman Episode 1 – Future Shock

Welcome to the first episode of It All Comes Back To Superman!  I am your host, Michael Bailey and this show will be my monthly reaffirmation of faith when it comes to being a fan of the Man of Steel.  Sometimes I will be alone.  Sometimes, like this time, I will have a guest.  Joining me for this inaugural episode is the one, the only Siskoid!  Siskoid is not only a part of The Fire and Water Podcasting Network where he co-hosts such shows as First Strike: The Invasion Podcast, Gimme That Star Trek, oHOTmu Or Not, FW Team-Up, The Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast and The Hero Points Podcast but  is also part of The Legion of Super-Bloggers.

The Legion of Super-Bloggers is the reason that I asked Siskoid to be part of this particular episode as I am discussing a Superman story that involves the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Legion of Super-Heroes #37, Superman #8, Action Comics #591 and Legion of Super-Heroes #38 served to explain how a team of heroes inspired by Superboy could exist in a universe where Superman never was Superboy.  Siskoid and I talk about the writing and the art with some personal anecdotes thrown in for good measure but the main thrust of the conversation is how these issues tried to fix a problem created by the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Superman #8 and Action #591 were also the first two Superman books I picked up back in 1987 and were the reason I started buying the Superman titles on a regular basis.

So this is not only the 30th anniversary of this story but it’s also the 30th anniversary of me being a Superman reader and collector.