Welcome to another installment of YouTube Tuesday here at the Fortress of Baileytude!  Today I wanted to paste in some YouTube videos that feature one of my favorite episodes of Justice League Unlimited, which is titled Panic in the Sky!  I love JLU.  Not loved.  Love.  It is my favorite animated version of the DC Universe ever and this episode was part of a fantastic storyline that ran through the second season of that iteration of Justice League.

Outside of loving this episode I also wanted to post it because it has a great battle scene between Supergirl and Galatea.  Supergirl is about to be the focus of the latest in the line of the DCU animated films, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, which comes out next week.  To fuel the excitement for that film I thought it would be cool to have some Supergirl for you seven days before the movie hits store shelves.

So I hope you enjoy this episode because it has some really awesome action sequences.

That’s all for today.  Come back tomorrow for…something.  I haven’t quite figured out what yet.

More to follow…