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Another one of those posts that happens because something just…occurs to me after looking at an image. My current computer wallpaper is this. This is a modified version of the one from the official DC website.  The max resolution on … Continue reading

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Really.  There weren’t any issues of the Superman titles out this week and for the first time in a long time I felt a strange sort of ache because of that fact. I miss the days of a Superman book … Continue reading

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RANDOM THOUGHT: 04/05/2008

A odd thought occurred to me the other day. Superman Returns is a kind of microcosm of how I feel about Superman in general. I like some parts. I didn’t like others. On the whole, though, I enjoyed it. But at … Continue reading

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RANDOM POST- 03/22/08

This is pretty wrong. The great thing about the Silver Age is that there are endless covers and panels that can be taken totally out of context for comedic effect. This was one of the better ones. More to follow…

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