Today I present an interview with Jerry Ordway from Comics Scene #3 (May 1988).  Issue three was the first issue of Comics Scene that I ever plucked off the stands and at the time it was something of a revelation as it was my first taste of the larger comic book world.  The fact that there was an article with Jerry Ordway made it doubly exciting.  I mean Jerry was the artist on Adventures of Superman and I was reading that book, so there was a feeling of being plugged into something that I had never experienced before.  I didn’t have a lot of context for the other articles in the magazine outside of the one about the then upcoming Incredible Hulk Returns reunion film.  In the interest of full disclosure I was not much of an Ordway fan in those early days but over the years and especially in the past decade or so I have really come to appreciate his work and count him as one of my favorite comic book creators.

Comics Scene 02 Ordway A Comics Scene 02 Ordway B Comics Scene 02 Ordway C Comics Scene 02 Ordway D Comics Scene 02 Ordway E Comics Scene 02 Ordway F Comics Scene 02 Ordway GNot only do we get a nice history of how Jerry broke into the business but like the interview with John Byrne that I previously posted (which you can find right here) you get an insight into what was going on and what was coming down the pike in the Superman books circa 1988.  I love that sort of stuff.  I also love reading about where a creator originally wanted to take a certain character, which is why his idea for Power Girl is very intriguing.  I was surprised that he just up and revealed where the Supergirl that was running around the Superman titles at the time was from.  I don’t think you could do that today with the Internet and Twitter and Facebook and all that, but it was a different time and I guess you could get away with stuff like that because most of the reading audience probably wasn’t buying Comics Scene.

It was because of this article that I tracked down the issue of Time with Superman on the cover.  I found it in the Eyer Junior High School library and didn’t so much read it as absorb it.  I have two copies of it today, but they are in rough shape.  FYI, it is hard to find one without a subscription sticker on it.

More than anything it is awesome to see the artwork based on Superman: The Movie.  I vividly remember being fascinated by how dead on the drawings were.  This article was the reason I was excited to pick up the adaptation of the 1989 Batman film because I knew that Jerry could draw what the actors looked like, which is something of a rarity in comic book adaptations.  The level of detail in the drawings is just amazing.  It almost makes me wish they would go back and adapt the first two Superman films in comic book form with Jerry providing the artwork.  They probably won’t though.  There was some weirdness with them having to pay Mario Puzo if they did the adaptations when the movies first came out and they would probably have to pay Puzo’s heirs.  Or maybe there isn’t enough interest in doing so.

Oh well.  At least I have this article to go back to.

More to follow…


Presented today is an interview with John Byrne from Comics Scene #1 (1987).  I did not read this interview when it was first published as I wouldn’t discover Comics Scene until the second issue, so when I finally got around to buying some back issues of the magazine a few years ago this was a real treat to find.  The eleven year old me that was still in the very early months of collecting comics would have loved this article.

Like a lot.

Comics Scene 01 Byrne A Comics Scene 01 Byrne B Comics Scene 01 C Comics Scene 01 D Comics Scene 01 ESpeaking as someone that is trying to learn all he can about the Post Crisis era of Superman this interview was a great find.  It provides a real insight into where Byrne was on the Superman titles at the time and where he was about to go.  It also deals with the backlash his revamp was still receiving at the time that oddly enough (and sadly) has not really ended.  All in all a fine interview and a nice artifact from that time and place.


I didn’t write a post today. I did produce a page for this blog that you can find on your right under the Fortress of Baileytude Pages section.

A few years back I found this site that listed every crossover to all of the major event books of both Marvel and DC. I copied the info, edited it in a Word document and SHAZAM I had an instant piece of reference. So I thought I would take that out, dust it off and put the DC books here.1

Seemed like a good idea to me.

Here’s a direct link to the page in case you were curious.

At some point I’ll put the info about Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis and eventually Amazons Attack and Final Crisis, though the last two will actually seem like work.  Especially Amazons Attack, which was awful.

For now, here are the big DC events and the books associated with them.


More to follow…



  1. The reason I didn’t post the Marvel crossovers is that they have disappeared.  Apparently that file didn’t get transferred.  Oh well.  Like goes on.