For those of you that aren’t “in the know” I co-host a show called From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast.  My buddy Jeffrey Taylor, and I have been going through the Post Crisis adventures of Superman since 2009 and recently we came back after an extended hiatus.  It’s been a lot of fun and we really hit the ground running again with our coverage of The Death of Clark Kent.  A recent Facebook post by Dan Jurgens displaying some of the covers he did for Previews (you know, the ordering catalog for comic shops) reminded me that I had scanned a handful of pages from the edition that contained the solicitations for Superman #100 and the other Supermam books that came out that month.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner.  Mea culpa.  I should have had this up a few weeks ago.

Anyway, here is the cover to that edition of Previews and in a word this piece is stunning.  It sells the idea that for whatever reason Clark Kent might be going away.  The spotlight, the broken glasses, the torn clothes revealing the Superman uniform…it’s just a gorgeous cover.  I am curious if this was originally going to be the cover for Superman #100 or if it was specifically done for Previews.  Either way it is fantastic.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days for more scans from this Previews.  There is some neat stuff in there and I look forward to sharing it with you.


This cover suggests that there will be an article about Superman’s new costume and powers in this issue but that’s not the case.  The article associated with this cover is about changes comic book characters have gone through with a small sidebar about the new duds Superman is sporting.  I’ll be posting that article in a few days but for now bask in the glory of this beautiful Stuart Immonen and Jose Marzan, Jr. piece!


This Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of Superman getting his fancy new electrical powers and outfit, so it makes sense to post this.

Hey!  Check out the corner!  This is the Previews where you could order the Wizard JLA Special!  I talked about that last week! It’s like I planned this.

Which I didn’t, but still.

Previews is usually a treasure trove of fun stuff, especially from this era.  On Wednesday I’ll be posting the article that came with the DC solicitations from this particular issue and over the next few weeks I’ll be including the original solicitations of the comics featured in my Do The Clothes Make The Man feature because I think they’re pretty keen.

By the way…the next installment of that is coming soon and I’ll be back on track with it next Sunday.  Promise.

For the moment bask in the glory that is Electric Superman and I mean that on a mostly serious level.


This is the cover from the Wizard JLA Special from 1997.  I could go on and on about how people give Wizard a hard time and blame it for the excesses of the comic book marketplace of the nineties and blah, blah, blah but I’ve done that in the past so I feel like I can skip it for this post.

This special contained:

  • A Top 10 of things we need to know about the League.
  • An interview with JLA writer Grant Morrison.
  • An interview with JLA artist Howard Porter.
  • An article speculating on which Leaguer would win if a fight broke out.
  • An article about the history of the League.
  • The Top 10 most brutal fights the League have been in.
  • An article about the upcoming JLA: Year One maxi-series.
  • An article about the Watchtower, the League’s new headquarters.
  • Profiles of Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Wonder Woman.
  • An article about the five heroes that could be joining the League in the near future.
  • An article about the villains the JLA is about to face off against.
  • A day in the life of  JLA editor Ruben Diaz.
  • The results of a poll Wizard conducted on America Online back when that was a thing.
  • A cute little cartoon about what it takes to join the Justice League.
  • The “official” Justice League membership form.

Full disclosure; I love these specials.  I loved them when they first came out and I love them now.  I read them and re-read them over and over again and I still go back to them from time to time.  They are neat little time capsules to an era long gone.  This special brings back so many good memories of a time when JLA wasn’t just a comic book title but a brand that DC embraced whole hog.  I’ve had to buy new copies of some of them because the old ones wore out but I still hang on to the ragged versions.

You know…for sentimental reasons.

I posted this cover because I love it despite how wonky Wonder Woman looks but I also posted it as a tease for some scans that I will be posting on Wednesday.  There is a quote from one of the Superman writer’s that flies in the face of an article I posted last week and I felt it was worth posting for historical reasons.

So come back on Wednesday and junk.


I found this issue at a local comic shop and picked it up solely because I liked the cover.  To me it is a great encapsulation of what was going on with my two favorite heroes in 1986.  To be fair it’s just the art from the Man of Steel house ad placed on top of a page from what has become commonly known as The Dark Knight Returns but it hits me right in the nostalgia center of my brain.  That’s kind of weird because I didn’t start collecting comics until about a year after this but I have found it is possible to feel nostalgic for a comic or comic era you weren’t present for.

I need to dig into this soon.  No matter what the Rolling Stones say time is never on my side.


Here’s another cover that I didn’t know existed until recently.

When I bought this issue of Wizard: The Guide to Comics back in 1996 it had a character named Shi on the cover.  Recently I discovered it had an alternate Superman cover and found it for a reasonable price on eBay.  To be honest I’m not all that hot on this piece but that has nothing to do with Joe Quesada or Jimmy Palmiotti.  Normally I like their art but the blank eyed stare of Superman is off putting.  I do like that they have him flying up through some clouds.  At least that’s what I think is going on here.  No matter where the Man of Steel is flying this is a rare Superman piece by Quesada and Palmiotti.  Quesada is more known for his Batman work at DC and Palmiotti has written a number of series for the publisher but Superman is not a name I would associate with either man.

This issue of Wizard had an article about the then upcoming Superman: The Animated Series, which explains his presence on this alternate cover.


This issue of Amazing Heroes is a recent find, so I haven’t had a chance to look through it as of yet but I still wanted to share the cover.  I have a soft spot for Wayne Boring on Superman and this not only hearkens back to the Superman books of the 1950’s but also the George Reeves Adventures of Superman television series.  Based on the table of contents this is going to be a great issue of this magazine.

It’s like the people of Amazing Heroes were trying to get Superman Forever Podcast host to buy this issue.


This is the alternate cover to Wizard: The Guide to Comics #47 and I was surprised to discover that this was also the first Wizard cover to feature Superman.  Actually I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Wizard didn’t give DC much in the way of coverage for the first few years of its existence.  Insert snarky comment about how they were up the rectums of Marvel and Image here.  They didn’t even have a feature article on the Death of Superman when it happened and that was kind of a big deal.  They kind of made up for it with the excellent Wizard Superman Tribute Edition in 1993 but the Man of Steel didn’t appear solo on one of their covers until 1995.

This issue features an interview with Roger Stern.  Superman: The Man of Tomorrow was about to premiere, which was Stern’s return to Superman after leaving Action Comics the previous year.  It’s a good article too.  This cover was one of the images featured in that article and normally I would be upset by the angry red eyes of anger but this was before that was an overused cliche so it gets a pass.

Plus it’s Tom Grummett drawing Superman.  Which is awesome.