Not much to talk about at the beginning of this week.  I have the next five day’s pretty much mapped out and think it is going to be a fun one, especially the little diversion on Wednesday where I team up with some of my fellow comic book bloggers, but here on Monday I find myself with very little to “say”.

Of that little I have to say the first involves the look of the Fortress.  I’ve been playing with the design of this blog for awhile now and last week I stumbled upon a theme that had two things I was really looking for; a header and a background.  I wanted this to look like a Superman related blog instead of looking like the standard WordPress theme.  I am something of a Luddite when it comes to the Internet and it is an ongoing miracle that I have been able to maintain the Fortress and my podcasts and all of that stuff.  Thanks to me creating something I am not ready to reveal yet I found the theme I wanted and after playing around in Photoshop I cropped together a background and designed a header that I liked.  The great thing about the header is that I will be designing new ones as time goes on to reflect the seasons and the holidays.  For the moment I wanted the classic S symbol and some text.  I hope you like it.

In other news I did write a review for the Superman Homepage this week.  Superman/Batman #76 came out last week and as I am the regular reviewer of that title I read the book and wrote down my thoughts.  You can find that review here.  Be sure to leave some comments, either here or at the Homepage.

And that is it for today.  I have some firm plans for this blog and you’ll be seeing some of those in the next few weeks.  I have a big project that I will be embarking on soon and once that is well under way I’ll be ready to announce it.  I don’t want to say too much right now but if I can pull it off it’s going to end up being pretty big.

Tomorrow: YouTube Tuesday!

More to follow…

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3 Responses to CHANGES AND SUCH

  1. Badre "Bob" Bally says:

    I like the new look you’re coming up with for the site it does have a Superman look to it. Speaking of Batman/Superman, are you still on strike about Action Comics and the all Grounded arc? So far I read great things about the Lex Luthor stories over at Action Comics, which I kind of expected since I’m familar with Paul Cornell’s work at Marvel especially Captain Britain and MI13 and I am looking forward to see him write for Superman when he gets the chance.

  2. Alan Leach Jr. says:

    I like the new look as well. The shirt rip image from the bookstore edition of the Man of Steel trade is a favorite of mine, so much so that when I first bought MOS in trade form I made sure it was that version. I bought an oversize print of it on ebay years ago and its somewhere in the fortress. I like the header as well, the black and white text is very dramatic and I like your idea of changing the look based on season and whatnot. Overall your a very good graphic designer even if you don’t think so, I’ve worked in graphic design and have a degree in illustration from RISD for whatever its worth, so trust me on this. I’m looking forward to what you have comming up as I check the site everyday as well as listen to your shows, now get thee to a mic and make a new episode of views, I’m in withdrawal for that particular show.

  3. Michael Bailey says:

    Bob: Yes I am on strike despite hearing some good things myself.

    Alan: Thanks for the feedback on the site’s look. That means a lot. Views should be returning by mid-October.

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