(We interrupt our regular programming to bring you pictures that prove that my wife is amazing and knows me all to well.  The Doomsday coverage continues in the next post.  For now sit back, relax and check out the awesome stuff I got for Christmas this year.)

Gong back to our very first Christmas together (when she bought me a bunch of the Kay-Bee exclusive JLA action figures) my wife Rachel has managed to find me cool comic book related presents.  Last year she tracked down a lot of neat stuff that were equal parts stuff I wanted and stuff I didn’t even know existed.  This year…this year she outdid herself.

Bring on the pictures!

At Rachel’s suggestion we have recently “gone green” at least in terms of carrying our own shopping bags when we head to the store.  Rachel recently bought some pagan and witchy related bags for herself so she decided to get me some of my own by decorating and/or making them.

That last one is very impressive.  It is a small backpack that she made out of a Superman bed sheet.  Because she’s talented like that.

Go below the cut for more pictures.

Next up we have the puzzles.  Rachel and I enjoy putting puzzles together and she found some really cool JLA and Superman related ones this year.

It is rare to see a puzzle featuring Marvel and DC images.  It is even rarer to see a puzzle featuring images from Marvel, DC, Fox Publications and MLJ Magazines (now Archie Comics).  This is not going to be an easy one to put together, which is freaking awesome.

There was another puzzle, but I sent a picture of that over to Rob at the Aquaman Shrine, so it will be posted there sometime in early January.

Granted these break up the Superman theme Rachel had going this year, but I asked for them because they were awesome films.  Happy to finally have them.

I am not 100% happy with how these pictures turned out, but this thermos is great.  I have no idea what lunch box it went to but the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez art is nice to see.

This next gift is a great example of something that I have wanted for years, never bothered to tell Rachel that I have wanted it for years and somehow she gets it for me anyway.  I have no idea what she typed into the search engine to find the Superman III board game but found it she did.

There are a few pieces missing, but nothing major.  The most important item for me was the board and it was both intact and beautiful.

Rachel also found a Superman touch lamp that I did not snap a picture of because we don’t know where we are going to put it yet.  The lamp is bigger than Rachel thought it was, so once we decide where it will go I’ll put it together.


I rarely post pictures of myself on this blog because…well, I am not happy with the way I look right now.  An exception needed to be made for the hoodie that Rachel found at Wal-Mart.  For one thing it fits, which lately is a nice feeling.  For another this thing is warm and will probably see me through the mild winters we have in Georgia.  Finally, it is just freaking awesome.

Wanna see the really neat part of this hoodie?

That’s just cool.  Superman has a bit of a Clint Eastwood vibe going on actually.

Looking back at that first picture I really should have brushed my hair and shaved but this picture has that authentic, “up on Christmas morning” look to it, so no re-takes on that one.

And that is it for Christmas 2011, at least as far as the comic book related gifts go.  As usual my wife outdid herself and I can’t adequately express how much it means to me that she puts so much thought into the presents she either bought or made.  Best of all the majority of the gifts are things we can do together.

Next time: Back to the Doomsday coverage.

More to follow…

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3 Responses to CHRISTMAS 2011: THE HAUL

  1. Dan North says:

    Dude I want that comic book cover puzzle so bad!

    I am now going to google desperately for “Spider-Man thermos” now. Excuse me.

  2. Douglas says:

    No worries my friend, you make that hoodie look good!

  3. I really like the canvas bag and the drawstring backpack!

    This year I bought my wife a Wonder Woman canvas bag and a pair of Wonder Woman glass tumblers. She has a lot of freebie canvas bags so I am hoping she will swap one of them out for the Wonder Woman one!

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