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401- Superman Bizarros World A 402- Superman Bizarros World BNuts and Bolts

  • Released on February 13, 1996
  • Original price $9.95
  • 128 pages
  • Cover by Stuart Immonen and Josef Rubinstein


  • Introduction by “Bogzarro”
  • Bizarro from Superman (Vol. 2) #87
  • Bizarro World! from Adventures of Superman #510
  • War of the Super Powers from Action Comics #697
  • Love and Death! from Superman: The Man of Steel #32
  • Opportunity Lost from Superman (Vol. 2) #88


  • The introduction by Jon Bogdanove is a lot of fun.  It has some Bizarro speak at the beginning and the end and in between is a fairly comprehensive history of the character.  I appreciate that Bogs (if I can be so informal) not only takes us through the various comic book incarnations of the character but also gives a peak behind the curtain of the story collected in this trade.  The introduction is almost the main reason to buy this book.
  • As Jon goes over in the introduction Bizarro had only one but extremely memorable appearance in the Post-Crisis comics.  To be fair he was also a recurring “villain” on the syndicated Superboy television series but as far as the comics go he was in Man of Steel #5 and did a great job of sacrificing his artificial life at the end of that story.
  • Because of that lone comic book appearance this story felt like a really big deal in 1994.  I remember loving the covers and the fact that we were seeing what I considered to be a classic Superman “villain” again.
  • Other than that there are two other reasons why I not only like this story so much but also why it illustrates what I like about this era of Superman.
  • First, it not only builds from previous sub-plots but it starts to lead into other, bigger stories.  One of the hallmarks of the Post Crisis era was the ability of the creative teams to make the four (and soon to be five) Superman titles feel like an almost weekly comic book.
  • In other words I appreciated the soap opera aspects to this story.
  • Second, the creative teams went out of their way to make me care about the characters in this story.  Bogs discusses the major theme of the inherent right of all sentient life to exist in his introduction and thanks mainly to Lois they do a great job of exploring that theme.
  • The fact that several different writers and artists were able to tell a fairly cohesive story on a regular basis for nearly a decade is something of a minor miracle.
  • This storyline features some early Superman work by future (then-future at any rate) Adventures of Superman artist Stuart Immonen.  I loved his work in the two issues of Superman that he draws during this story and was glad to see him come on one of the regular books not too long from when these issues came out.
  • For those that have read this trade (or will read this trade) and have never read the story in single issue form the final page of the story might seem a little weird.  The bottom 2/3 of the page are whited out.  My personal theory (which is mine alone and does not represent any research I should have done before typing this) is that the powers-that-be that decide what  gets a trade paperback and what doesn’t decided that they would reprint Bizarro’s World but not the story that followed it where Superman’s powers spiraled out of control.
  • So it would make sense to excise that portion of the story to allow the overall narrative have and ending.
  • Of course the fact that there is a major revelation about Lex at the end of the story kind of puts a lie to my theory.
  • Then again you could have left all the powers going out of control stuff and reprinted The Battle For/Fall of Metropolis storyline without mentioning the powers going out of control so…I have no idea.
  • Regardless if you want to see what the page actually looked like here it is.
  • Superman 88 Final PageThis trade ends with a cover gallery, which is great because the covers are really awesome.
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