(Collected Editions is a listing of the various trade paperbacks, hardcovers, omnibuses, etc. that are in my Superman collection.  The goal is to not only inventory my collection of trades, hardcovers, etc. but also to display said collection and produce something resembling a resource for other Superman readers, collectors and fans.)

Nuts and Bolts

  • Original release: October 1, 2003
  • Original Cover Price: $19.95
  • 224 pages
  • Cover Artist: Jerry Ordway


  • Introduction by Marv Wolfman titled Reinventing the Wheel
  • Heart of Stonefrom Superman (Vol. 2) #1
  • Squatter! from Action Comics (Vol. 1) #584
  • The Secret Revealed! from Superman (Vol. 2) #2
  • Man O’ War! from Adventures of Superman #424
  • Going the Gauntlet from Adventures of Superman #425
  • And the Graves Give Up Their Dead… from Action Comics (Vol. 1) #585
  • Legends from the Darkside from Superman (Vol. 2) #3
  • From the Dregs… from Adventures of Superman #426
  • The Champion! from Action Comics (Vol. 1) #586
  • Cover Gallery
  • Who’s Who entries for Lois Lane, Amazing Grace, Krypton and Kryptonite and Metallo


  • The introduction by Marv Wolfman details how he got involved in the Post Crisis revamp.
  • The reading order of this book is a little odd, but that makes sense considering that while there were three Superman books at the time they didn’t crossover into each other like they would during the Triangle Numbering Era.
  • For example, Superman #1 is followed by Action Comics #584 which is followed by Superman #2.  Now if you were following the John Byrne end of Superman in 1986 this would make sense considering that there is a one page scene at the end of Action Comics #584 that leads directly into Superman #2.  So if you read those both together you get a sense that the books were somewhat connected.
  • The only hiccup in this is that there is a small scene in Adventures of Superman #424 where Clark Kent received a call from the man that would end up being the “villain” of Action Comics #584, which means if you were reading these books as they were released that page leads into the Action Comics story, which also gives you a sense that the books are somewhat connected.
  • This sort of “odd” reading order would continue through this series of trades but in all honesty I don’t blame whoever put the order together for doing what he or she did.  Again, these books were not designed to crossover with each other and while there would be small sub-plots that would carry over from title to title the books, with few exceptions, were pretty autonomous, especially Action Comics.
  • Superman #3, Adventures of Superman #426 and Action Comics #586 were Chapters 17, 18 and 19 of the Legends crossover.
  • The Who’s Who pages are a nice touch and to date are the only times these have been reprinted.  At least I think this is the only time they were reprinted.  I could be wrong about that.

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