(Collected Editions is a listing of the various trade paperbacks, hardcovers, omnibuses, etc. that are in my Superman collection.  The goal is to not only inventory my collection of trades, hardcovers, etc. but also to display said collection and produce something resembling a resource for other Superman readers, collectors and fans.)

Man of Steel Vol. 6A Man of Steel Vol. 6BNuts and Bolts

  • Released on March 5, 2008
  • Original Price $19.99
  • 208 Pages
  • Cover by Jerry Ordway


  • Skeeter! from Action Comics Annual #1
  • Tears for Titano from Superman (Vol. 2) Annual #1
  • Union from Adventures of Superman Annual #1
  • All That Glisters from Action Comics #594
  • Blind Obsession from Booster Gold #23
  • Lost Love from Superman (Vol. 2) #12
  • The Ghost of Superman from Action Comics #595
  • Cover gallery


  • Noticeably absent from this volume is an introduction.  I have no idea why.  Maybe I will write one and post it to the Fortress in the near future.  Then again that might be considered arrogant.
  • All three of the 1987 annuals were front loaded into this trade.  They make for a weird read when you go through them all at once.  The annuals made it into the House Ads that pimped the annuals for that year and if you would like to see how they look just click here.
  • Action Comics Annual #1 was the very first annual for that title.  Odd that both Action Comics and Detective Comics didn’t receive an annual until 1987.
  • With the exception of the Titano story these annuals could have fit anywhere.  Tears For Titano features Bill Moyers, who was indirectly responsible for Kitty Faulkner turning into Rampage and that story is referenced here.
  • Union was Dan Jurgens’ first Superman book in the Pre-Crisis era.  He would return in late 1988 to do a sequel of sorts to this story and then come on to the Superman books full time in 1989.
  • The town of Fayerville, or at least some of the people that live in Fayerville, from the Skeeter story would return in Action Comics #685.  They are part of a montage scene showing various people around the world reacting to Superman’s death.  It was a neat call back.
  • I am glad that they included Booster Gold #23 as part of this collection.  Unlike the Legion of Super-Heroes issues from Volume 4 of this series I actually picked this issue off the rack at the Super Fresh in Trexlertown, Pa soon after it came out.  It was the first time I bought a book because it tied into the Superman titles.
  • Action Comics #595 was the very first appearance of the Silver Banshee and in all honesty few artists would ever draw her as well as John Byrne did.  I love the design of that character.
  • The cover gallery is once again condensed to just a few pages with multiple covers on each page, which is a shame but I am going with the theory that they didn’t have the page count to give each cover it’s own page.

To follow the series as it progress check out the following links:

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  1. John Ham says:

    I was glad to see that DC is putting out a seventh volume of MOS in February, but it looks like they’re just using the cover from Superman #13 instead of a new Ordway cover. Do you know if there’s a new cover being commissioned?

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