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Superman World of Krypton A Superman World of Krypton BNuts and Bolts

  • Released on May 21, 2008
  • Original price $14.99
  • 192 Pages
  • Cover by John Byrne and Walt Simonson


  • Pieces from World of Krypton (1987) #1
  • After the Fall from World of Krypton (1987) #2
  • History Lesson from World of Krypton (1987) #3
  • Family History from World of Krypton (1987) #4
  • Prologue: From Out the Green Dawn… from Man of Steel #1
  • “Jor-El’s Golden Folly” from Superman (Vol. 1) #233
  • “The Doomsayer!” from Superman (Vol. 1) #236
  • “A Name is Born” from Superman (Vol. 1) #238
  • The Man Who Cheated Time from Superman (Vol. 1) #240
  • “All in the Mind!” from Superman (Vol. 1) #248
  • “The Greatest Green Lantern of All!” from Superman (Vol. 1) #257
  • “The Face on the Falling Star!” from Superman (Vol. 1) #266
  • The Stranger from Superman Family #182
  • …And Not a Drop to Drink from Superman (Vol. 1) #367
  • “Last ‘Scoop’ on Krypton!” from Superman (Vol. 1) #375


  • This is a really weird collection.
  • On one hand it is great that they chose to collect John Byrne and Mike Mignola’s World of Krypton mini-series.  I love that series and thought the Byrne did a fantastic job setting up the back story of the (at the time) new Krypton.
  • On the other hand you have a story set very much in the Post Crisis universe followed by stories taken from the Pre-Crisis continuity and they don’t mesh all that well.
  • It’s just strange.
  • On a personal level I would have liked them to reprint the 1979 World of Krypton series along with the Krypton Chronicles mini-series from 1981 in addition to the Fabulous World of Kryptonstories they added here.  It would have given an almost definitive look at the Silver and Bronze Age version of Krypton and flowed better as a collected edition.
  • Going with that theory and sticking to it it would have made better sense to either collect the Byrne World of Krypton in a trade collecting all of the World of… series from that time period or reprint the 1987 World of Krypton followed by Action Comics Annual #2, the storyline that created the Post Crisis Fortress of Solitude from Adventures of Superman and some of the material from around 1999/2000 that dealt with Krypton.
  • I realize that I am playing arm chair collected editions editor here but I think the theory is sound.
  • Having said (or written) all of that I liked this collection very much.  It’s a very handsome book with some great stories in it.
  • I love the cover to this trade.  It is just awesome.
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  1. Douglas Meacham says:

    I agree with you Mike. For someone who is unfamiliar with the Silver and Bronze Age, a definitive collection would be a great treat indeed.

    Even though it hasn’t been solicited yet, I wonder if they will release the other two “World of”s this year.

    I’ll probably pick up this trade, if still available, when Man of Steel Vol. 7 comes out.

  2. Forgot to say…

    Great cover though! 🙂

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