Another Friday, another set of scans from the DC Cosmic Cards set.

Cosmic Cards Parasite A Cosmic Cards Parasite BI always thought it was interesting that this version of the Parasite not only started life green but also as a Firestorm villain.  It was kind of amusing in 1991 when the Superman people seemingly said, “You know what?  He’s ours again.”  Not that I have ever been the biggest Parasite fan.  I recognize his place in the pantheon of Superman villains but he’s never done that much for me.

I still like the card though.

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  1. Hi Michael

    Talking about classic Superman foes appearing in other books first…

    The Parasite wasn’t alone in debuting in another hero’s book Post-Crisis. Albert Michaels, the classic Atomic Skull, as I’m sure you’ll remember, first appeared Post-Crisis in Captain Atom #37. His appearance was greatly influenced by Atom’s and he appeared to be a dark-side copy, Quantum logo and all. CA #37 was cover dated January 1990.

    It wasn’t until a little later, in the sequence of Adventures of Superman #483 (cover date October 1991), then Action #670 and then finally Superman:MOS #5 (god, I love that era’s cross-book continuity and flow), that Joseph Martin’s became the Atomic Skull (II) most associated with the Post-Crisis Man of Steel.

    And of course, tying back into your previous posts…it was the Dominator’s genebomb that set him off (Invasion!) and, if I recall, it was Action #670 that dealt with the after-effect’s of Captain Atom’s defeat of Monarch in Metropolis (Armageddon:2001).

    Go to love that kind of creative cohesiveness. 🙂


    Michaels would appear sporadically up until Flashpoint but never really had the same impact that his Pre-Crisis incarnation enjoyed. If “enjoyed” is the right word…

    Max Landis, you remember him ;), has provided a new origin for the Skull in DC’s New 52. It wasn’t that bad.

  2. Having just looked at Suicide Squad again for my blog’s Captain Atom #2 post-script, “Whatever happened to Plastique?” I had completely forgotten that the Parasite (originally green, as Michael said) went via Suicide Squad after his appearances in Firestorm 58 and 59.

    His initial appearance there can be found reprinted in DC’s 2011 trade paperback Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire.

    Again, another great book from this period, woefully under-collected.

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