Another Friday, another set of scans from the DC Cosmic Cards set.

Legends is one of my favorite of DC’s big crossovers.  I have an odd history with it mainly because I read it all out of order.  In my early, proto-collecting days I got issue five on a complete lark off the rack, mainly for the cover.  A few years later I found issue four at a little shop on the boardwalk while my family was vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland.  Then I found issue six at the same one day show held at the Trexlertown Mall where I got my hands on Superman #4.  Eventually I bought the whole series and while it isn’t as “big” as Crisis on Infinite Earths it is epic in scope and I like the themes it explores.  It was the perfect way for the people at DC to play with the then new DCU.

And even though they have nothing to do with each other I always think of this song when I read the book.

You know, I have seen that film at least twice and have no memory of it.  Weird.

More to follow…

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