Another Friday, another set of scans from the DC Cosmic Cards set.

Cosmic Cards- Maxima A Cosmic Cards Maxima BMaxima is a really odd character.  While she was dangerous I never really considered her to be a villain.  She always struck me as someone with a different set of morals which put her at odds with Superman.  They tried to make her an anti-hero throughout the nineties and while it was always a valiant effort I don’t think she gelled with most people.  I always liked her but I am often in the minority about such things.

More to follow…

One thought on “DC COSMIC CARDS – MAXIMA

  1. Ralph

    She’s always been a favorite character of mine. I thought it was interesting that they noted in the Panic in the Sky TPB that it was originally intended for her to become the queen of Warworld after that storyline ended, but Jurgens wanted her in JLA. Given how little she was used in that series, aside from the story where they went back to her homeworld, I always wondered why he made the request to have her on the team.

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