About a week ago I started showing off the scans I made of the Superman related entries from the DC Cosmic Cards set.  This time out I continue my somewhat random posting of those cards with the Man of Steel himself…Superman!

The artists chosen for the Superman cards were spot on for the eras.  Steve Rude had drawn the prestige format Worlds Finest mini-series the year before this card set came out and his influences for the Man of Steel were clearly taken from the Golden Age.  Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson were the obvious choices for the Silver Age as well even though the “Swanderson” team didn’t hit their stride with Superman until the Bronze Age.  My admiration for Jerry Ordway knows no bounds so I will always welcome his artistic efforts when it comes to the Man of Steel or any character for that matter.

One of the neater aspects of this sub-set is how the image of the Statue of Liberty spreads out behind the three Supermen when you put the cards side by side.  The Luthor cards looked as though the three artists started with the same idea and went into different directions.  Here we have a “group shot” of the various Men of Steel against the backdrop of Lady Liberty.  The three different takes on Clark Kent for the Identikits on the back of the cards are quite awesome as well.  Like the main images the various Clark Kents capture the feeling of that character from the various eras that are spotlighted.  The nineties one stands out to me mainly because it is the quintessential shot of that era’s CK but also because that is my favorite era so it makes sense that it would resonate more than the others.

Oddly enough I used to not like these cards but over the years I have grown to appreciate them more and more.  Sometimes age gives us perspective.

Other times it just makes me cranky, but we’ll go with perspective for the moment.

More to follow…

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